Sunday, October 12, 2014

Our Reading Week

Happy Sunday everyone! It's Trouper again with Pearl today to talk about the latest book we finished at Chez Daniels/Mallory. It was my first mystery so I was a little scared, but I needn't have worried, since I became so caught up in the storyline and there were a lot of funny parts too.

The Boy With The Painful Tattoo
by Josh Lanyon

     Ryder and Jason both love this author, Josh Lanyon, so we were interested in finding out why. I mean the guys have every one of his books, both on Kindle and in the bookcase. 

     All Pearl and I can say is WOW. (Pearl is wagging her tail really fast). This is the third book in the Holmes and Moriarty series. Kit, a forty-ish mystery writer who sees his career in a downward slump, has just moved in with his somewhat younger, definitely hipper, best selling cop-turned author lover, J.X. Moriarity. Kit isn't really sure how it all happened so fast but they bought a house together and he moved from his native Southern California to San Francisco. While unpacking the moving boxes, instead of the china he was looking for, Kit finds a dead body.

     But that isn't the only problem Kit has to deal with. He is assailed in a home improvement store by an infatuated fan who keeps popping up at his house. Creepy, right? And, to make matters worse, someone is chasing Kit, trying to kill him. Put that all together, and mix in a few really hot,beautifully written love scenes, and some relationship drama between Kit and J.X., as well as Kit's growing frustration with his career and lack of focus and drive to write and this was a five star read for us. Both Ryder and Jason say this was their favorite of the series. Both Kit and J.X. have grown and matured since we last met them and by the end of the book, I felt, at least (I haven't discussed it with Pearl yet), that their relationship was on more solid ground than when the book began.

     Um and there may have been a little squealing at a dinner Kit and J.X. went to in L.A. with two other men. But we aren't saying anything. You haveta read the book to find out yourself.

     So once again, Josh Lanyon has proven why he is the master at what he does and you need to add this to your collection. I swear these guys are going to need to buy a new bookcase soon, because Ryder just ordered the next release "Fair Play."

    But we really aren't complaining...

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