About Trouper and Pearl

Hi Everyone! My name is Trouper and I am a 2 year old Pit Bull. I live in New York City with my best friend Pearl.
My owner Jason rescued me from a nasty construction site. I had a bad cut on my paw, but he told me he fell in love with me at first sight. (Frankly, I think it was Ryder he fell for, and just thought I was cute.)
Ryder already owned Pearl and she's awesome, she taught me everything she knows about walking on a leash, looking pathetic when you want an extra treat, or leaving the room when the guys look like they need alone time.
Anyway, he and Ryder fell in love and we all moved in together. After a few months of living together, Jason asked Ryder to marry him and we all got married on the beach. Next year, we had Gemma and we all have the best time. Even when she pulls our ears or cries all night. WE still love her.

Pearl's a little shy, so she said she'll tell you her story later. She's so brave, I know you'll want to hear her story.

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